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Jinjiang prosperous emperor food co., LTD. With its broad sea,Sichuan and accept all into its vastness;With its thick mountains,Through the vicissitudes of life to bold。We are with mountain bold、The broad sea、The good faith、The quality of the pragmatic,Professional dedication、Innovative style。The pursuit of excellence、The spirit of realizing leap-forward development,In order to achieve“Building enterprise in one hundred”The goal of,To the Great Wall inside and outside of the motherland、Great river north and south,To fight the market,To embrace beautiful bright tomorrow...


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21Series product portfolio,Thousands of flavor,Attention getter,To meet you Taste buds to enjoy

How to choose and buy the candy?
Four kinds of candy have their own characteristics  Candy products mainly include four categories,Candy、Hard candy、Jelly and candy。  Candy is one of the largest fruit sugar confectionery market base,Almost all of the candy companies are candy products。Main brands have a white rabbit、Golden monkeys、The Alps、Cadbury、Oh oh, etc。In the sales,Candy companies tend to use a variety of images of the pure way to promote their products and nutritional。Such as“A half of milk”Is the famous symbol of cadbury,Means each200Cadbury chocolate candy will contain a half milk。White rabbit creamy candy said7Grain of sugar can be rushed into a glass of milk,While golden monkey candy xuan
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How to choose chocolate
Vision  Vision is all products intuitively first impression to the person,Like many men see beauty just two mixtures,Can provide a good chocolate appearance of strong visual impact,Good chocolate,Surface brightness、Neat appearance,The cross section of uniform,Smooth appearance,No bubble、No bug eat by moth。Consumers can also according to their acceptance of cocoa taste to choose suits own chocolate,Because in general,The higher the cocoa content,Taste is more bitter,Dark chocolate is basically all is cocoa,So is the most bitter chocolate,Appearance is brown;Top slightly more pure chocolate cocoa content,Products
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The nutritional value of chocolate
Chocolate as a kind of delicious food is popular around the world,In terms of nutrition,People pay more attention to the quantity of heat of chocolate and sugar,In fact, chocolate is a highly nutritional value of food,Chocolate is not only rich in fat、Carbohydrates,Also contains rich protein and various kinds of minerals,Due to the structure of the chocolate,Make it can be quickly absorbed by human body,At the same time, chocolate contains a lot of heat,Can provide function of human body in a short period of time of energy supply,According to the scientists found,Chocolate can provide quite a number of the nourishment of the human body need everyday,Only1.4An ounce(Jn40G)
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